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Urology is a surgical subspecialty that deals with disorders affecting the urinary tract, kidneys, bladder, prostate, and the male and female genitalia.  The Department of Urology at Aster Sanad Hospital extend its services  to the outpatient department, the inpatient Wards, the Intensive Care Unit and the Emergency department. Aster Sanad Hospital’s Urology department is well equipped with the latest technology and our skilled urologists are well trained to offer the highest quality care and management of the entire spectrum of urological disorders from minor incontinence issues to advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments for each area of urology.

Urology Procedures offered by the department include:

A. Endoscopy 


• Diagnostic urethrocystoscopy (transurethral diagnosis for urethral stricture, bladder neck obstruction, prostatic hyperplasia, ureterocele, & bladder tumor).
• Diagnostic uretroscopy (diagnosis of ureteral stone, tumor in ureter, evaluating hematuria).

• Inserting ureteral catheter or DJ (stone in ureter with hydronephrosis in the kidney, obstructive renal failure)
• Endoscopic urethrotomy(uretheral stricture)
• Transurethral incision of bladder neck (bladder neck obstruction)
• Transurethral resection (prostate or bladder’s tumor)
• Endoscopic incision of uretrocele
• Endoscopic removal of small stones in the ureter

B. Surgical Procedures

• Varicocoelectomy ( Retroperitoneal or inguinal ligation of internal & external spermatic vein)
• Testicular torsion exploration of testis & turn it back to the normal position
• Surgical biopsy of testis (diagnosis of cause of fertility, tumors )
• Cryptorchidism ( exploration of testis & free it down to the scrotum )
• Orchidoplexy (Cryptorchidism, testicular torsion )
• Radical orchiectomy (tumors in testis )
• Testicular prosthesis (orchiectomy, absence of testis )
• Hydrocelectomy( hydrocele )
• Cystostomy (acute retention, neurogenic & non neurogenic bladder, after procedure on bladder, prostate hyperplasia prostatitis )
• Nephrostomy (acute hydronephrosis& rapid deterioration in function of kidneys, pelvis & ureteral stone with hydronephrosis, etc)
• Repair of hypospadias & penile curvature ( correction the inborn deformity by advancing meatus to the top of penis with freeing penis of traction
• Repairs of peyronie’sdiseas ( excision of peyronie’s plaque )
• Priapism
• Penile prosthesis ( to treat impotence by inserting artificial device into the corpora cavernosa )
• Surgical prostatectomy (BPH)
• Radical prostatectomy, prostatic biopsy (prostate cancer)
• Surgical removal of bladder stone
• Surgical excision of diverticulum in the bladder
• Closure of vesico-vaginal fistula, closure of uretro-vaginal fistula
• Simple & radical cystectomy (benign or malignant tumors in bladder, huge fistula,radiologig cystitis )
• Repair of female stress incontinence (surgical, TVT, TOT, TVT sequre)
• Surgical repair of vesico-ureteral reflux
• Surgical repair of mega-ureter
• Ureteral ring
• Surgical repair of uretro-pelvic junction obstruction
• Surgical removal of stone from ureter & kidney
• Radical & simple nephrectomy( tumors, nonfunctional kidney )
• Urethroplasty





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